2016-2017 NextLOOK

Joe’s Movement Emporium is thrilled to partner with The Clarice in College Park, MD for the third season of NextLOOK. Established in 2014, this application-based program gives regionally-based performing artists the time, space and dollars to develop new work with the opportunity to deepen the audience’s interaction and involvement through previews, workshops and feedback sessions.

This season’s NextLOOK artists will transport you to the far reaches of outer space, lead you through the nooks and crannies of their own backyards and let you discover the places and moments in between. Explore worlds both imagined and real — and be a part of creating it all.

The 2016–2017 season of NextLOOK includes the following performances and residencies. All performances are held at Joe’s Movement Emporium and are pay-what-you-wish, cash only, at the door.



Flying V Theatre
It's the Rest of the World that Looks So Small: A Theatrical Review of Jonathan Coulton
Public Performance: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium: November 14–18, 2016

2015's Helen Hayes Award Winning Outstanding Emerging Theater Company, Flying V, presents this theatrical exploration of the music of cult singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton. Coulton is known for his clever, engaging and humorous songs that capture slice of life moments in high concept situations—from zombie co-workers to lonely sea monsters. Using dance, movement/physical theatre and new arrangements with a live band, Flying V is staging a collection of Coulton’s songs and exploring what it means to be human in an oversized world of possibility.


Afro House
Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe
Public Performance: Friday, December 9, 2016
Residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium: December 5–9, 2016

What if a man, struggling against being mechanical, could not accept his son as anything but a machine? Sent from a dying earth, General Ebon Kojo and Ra-7 have been ordered to “recolor” the distant and barren planet Beta-5. Upon their arrival to Beta-5, Ebon and Ra are confronted with unprecedented realities that transform them both. 

In this one-man show, pianist and composer Scott Patterson uses acoustic piano, synth keyboards and sound design to weave together a story of space exploration, environmentalism, father-son relationships and social greed. Inspired by the music of Sun Ra and his film Space is the Place, Christina De Middel’s photobook Afronauts and Frances Bodomo’s film of the same name, Patterson imagines his own futuristic world, where sound and music bend the laws of physics and become instruments of creation and destruction.


Happenstance Theater
Public Performance: Friday, February 10, 2017
Residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium: February 6–10, 2017

Using spatial dynamics, movement and physical theatre, text, live sound, theatrical clown and improvisational play, Threshold explores moments of transition, from the simplicity of entering and exiting a space, to the profound transition from innocence to experience.

Happenstance Theater engages the audience by bringing curiosity and delight to the idea of crossing over into unknown spaces: the moving, meeting, leaping, partnering, parting, aging and dying that require us to cross the threshold.


Orange Grove Dance
The One-Mile Radius Project: Experiencing Space Differently
Public Performance: Friday, April 14, 2017
Residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium: April 10–14, 2017

Our human imprint and the memory of our movement linger in spaces well after we have migrated through them. The One-Mile Radius Project explores these imprints and the unique spaces within a one-mile radius of Joe’s Movement Emporium. In collaboration with Joe's, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Brentwood Arts Exchange and their workshop participants, Orange Grove Dance will investigate the personal and uniquely traversed spaces of the community. Dance, film and projection will be used to zoom into and magnify the intimate nooks and crevices of seemingly familiar spaces and, in turn, bring those outside spaces inside the walls of Joe’s.

Founded in 2007 by Colette Krogol and Matthew Reeves, Orange Grove Dance is built on the ideals of integrating dance, art, film and movement with all communities, large and small.


Meghan Abadoo
Public Performance: Friday, May 5, 2017
Residency at Joe’s Movement Emporium: May 1–5, 2017

Whether an individual or an institution, a gatekeeper decides which of a certain commodity – materials, goods or information– may enter a social system. These decisions are made within a complex web of influences, preferences, motives and common values.

With immersive dance-theatre as the container, Gatekeepers seeks to unearth this complex web of influences as it relates to racial identity within structural inequity. Drawing from personal testimony, group storytelling and dialogue, the piece will invite and challenge the everyday gatekeeper to imagine sustainable methods of self-reflection and transformational communal action.


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