Due to a number of complaints from neighbors and seeing excessive illegal parking, all cars coming and going to Joe’s must be parked legally and the habit of waiting to pick up someone by parking a car in front of the building or on the street will not be tolerated. The Mount Rainier Police have been asked by neighbors to ticket all illegal parking. You may have to walk a couple of blocks when the lot is full just as you would in any urban neighborhood.

Several standards are expected of our patrons:

  1. If you travel to Joe’s by car, you must share the road and parking spaces with others. Due to limited parking on our lot, it is often full by 6:30pm everyday. You should expect to park at a meter in the business areas or within a few blocks in the residential area.
  2. DO NOT block a driveway if you are parked in the residential area – you will be ticketed. Your car is to be a minimum of 5 feet from any driveway entrance.
  3. DO NOT park on the sidewalk in front of Joe’s to pick up someone. Find a legal parking space, walk into the building and wait for your person.
  4. DO NOT park in the street or double park along a row of parked cars.
  5. DO NOT park in the two handicap spaces at the opening of Joe’s parking lot unless you have handicap tags or visible handicap permit.

PLEASE INFORM your entire group of our parking standards. Failure to improve the parking issues may result in expulsion of individuals or groups from Joe’s. If there are any further questions or comments, please send to

Thank you for being a responsible member of our arts community.


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