Theater Tech Program

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Enter the theater tech program (TTP) at Joe’s Movement Emporium and you’ll find access to a whole new world of technical ability, artistic expression and employment possibilities.

When you learn the fundamentals of theater tech—lighting, sound, set design, multimedia design and much more–you discover you have capabilities you never imagined. Coupled with basic workforce development skills and academic achievement support, you are positioned to enter the entertainment industry or proceed along other paths through doors you might not have known even existed.

Take Christian J., for example. After graduating high school, he floundered for about a year before he found TTP. He proved to be very adept at theater tech and, more importantly, he liked working in the theater. The paid internship TTP helped him find at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC led him to get ongoing work at theaters around the area and to apply for entry into the union, the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE), which will expand his opportunities even more.

Chrystinamarie W. also found satisfying work through an internship with Six Flags America, working in theater tech at its theaters and for its special events.

Filling the Need

According to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, over 47,000 jobs will be available in arts and media-related occupations between 2010 and 2020. More than 6,000 of these jobs are directly related to the skills participants gain through TTP. Specifically, these include jobs as technicians, multi-media artists, graphic designers, lighting, audio and video equipment technicians, camera operators, and special event managers. TTP not only introduces participants to these careers but prepares them for entry-level positions and encourages them to pursue post-secondary opportunities in these industries.


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