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Family Friendly Performance with Taratibu Youth Association


Taratibu Youth Association’s Unspoken Stories comes to Joe’s Movement Emporium Saturday, March 16th at 4 pm. This family-friendly performance is ideal for kids and pre-teens featuring step, song and dance by this incredible, local pre-performance group.

The performance features stirring harmonies and high energy choreography highlighting the unspoken stories of tragedy, survival and emancipation of people of color. Taratibu Youth Association’s performers, ages 12 to 18, bring eclectic and diverse musical influences to modern dance, ballet, hip hop, and African dance traditions to the stage.

About Taratibu:

OUR MISSION: We are young people connecting with our culture and community and helping to build social change through the performing arts. As young performing artists we seek to connect with our peers in communities at home and abroad to explore our common purposes, identities, and goals. In doing so we hope to build local and global relationships that help us to achieve social change in our communities and in our world.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Dancers are offered opportunities in diverse styles of dance that challenge their abilities, while inviting their own creative process to emerge. It is our commitment to recognize that each dancer brings his or her own unique artistic integrity to the organization. Our expectation is to provide a respectful environment where dancers are challenged to work hard and build character with commitment, passion, and joy.