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NextLOOK: Dimensions Contemporary Dance Festival

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Come as you are. See us as we are.

Dimensions Contemporary Dance Festival is a platform to promote, amplify, and spread the various eclectic voices of DMV artist of color.

The mission of the DCDF is to mend, inspire, and connect. We mend by rejuvenating the contemporary artist of color regarding visibility and presence within the DMV area. We Inspire current and upcoming generations of local creatives; specifically, those of color, to audaciously define, create, and share their own narratives. We connect by building a platform for these artists/creatives to connect with one another and their immediate communities.

Participating Artists: Ronya-Lee Anderson, Candace Scarborough, Krystal Collins, Jamal Abrams, and Tariq Darrell+ the UNUM Dance Collective.

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Full Festival Schedule and RSVP links can be found here:

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Dimensions Contemporary Dance Festival is supported by the NextLOOK Series. Established in 2014 through a partnership between The Clarice and Joe’s Movement Emporium, NextLOOK supports the development of new music, plays, dance and other experiences by performing artists based in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who want to understand how their audiences can become a creative partner.