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The CROWN waits for no one! Limited Seating for Ally's Upcoming Production - Hurry, Hurry and Get tickets now!πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘


 Ally Theatre Company proudly presents

The Head That Wears The Crown
Hope Villanueva

A workshop production that traces a group of friends from high school to early adulthood, and shines a light on survivors grappling with the ripple effects of trauma in our social media saturated information age.

February 22-March 16 2019
Joe's Movement Emporium
Studio 4
3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD 20712

Seating is limited - only 30 seats per performance - so we encourage you to act quickly. The first 10 tickets for each performance are just $15!

Performances Friday and Saturday at 8PM, Saturday at 2:30PM, Sunday at 4:00PM
Special Performance on Monday March 4th at 8PM

We promise not to perform the show this fast, but you should still hurry to get your tickets - only 30 seats per house, but first 10 seats for each performance are just $15!


Featuring: Marley Kabin, Danielle Scott, Lori Pitts, Julieta Gozalo, and Jonathan MiotDirected by Megan Behm
 Three highschoolers are the queens of their school until Danielle arrives. When she catches the eye of one of their exes just before the Winter formal, they decide to keep their friend close and their enemy closer, manipulating her emails, social media, and relationships. When their mean-spirited plan for revenge goes far out of control, the repercussions of their choices will follow all of them for the rest of their lives.

Recommended for ages 13 and up.
Content Warning: sexual assault, self-harm, eating disorders