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The Reviews are in: The War Boys is "Raw & Riveting"


The War Boys

By Ally Theatre Company

Naomi Wallace is a major American writer who here exposes what MAGA is really about. Ally Theatre has done The War Boys justice. It deserves be seen, and it needs to be discussed.

The play, written by Naomi Wallace in 1993, reminds us that the struggles of immigration and our borders have always been very much part of the national conversation and story-telling. Frequently, stories are about the melancholy and, often-times, violent process of learning to belong and self-identify. The titular boys in The War Boys take turns sharing personal and disturbing stories of their childhoods, trying to one-up each other with the most traumatizing moments.

A trio of talented young actors get stranded in the stark desert night of playwright Naomi Wallace’s cryptic drama

All photos by by Ryan Maxwell Photography