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Toddler Movement Playdate SPECIAL - bring a friend for FREE

We're so excited to share with you this Toddler Movement Playdate SPECIAL! Come Monday, February 25th, bring a friend to the class who has never been before, and they will get in for free! When you use your youth class pass or drop in for only $10 at the front desk, your toddlers friend(s) get in free! The more the merrier!

Mark your calendars - this special runs February 25th ONLY!

Sign up now: and bring a friend the day of the special!

About Toddler Movement Playdate: Explore physical expression in an open dance studio with guided activities and exciting props to create a world of sensory exploration for toddlers and their accompanying adults. Our exemplary arts education staff provides a safe and fun environment for creative play for your toddler and you! Whether you’re in on the action or watching from the sidelines, the Movement Playdate will introduce children to the joys of a healthy and active lifestyle fueled by imagination.