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What can artists do to prepare for natural disaster?

What happens if our area is struck by disaster – flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, ice storm, terrorist attack or any major crises that may impact the arts community?

It's clear from artists and arts organizations that they have lost or suffered damage to their workspaces/studios, files, equipment, costumes, scripts, video, historical materials/archives, or lost revenue due to these types of disasters. Perhaps the disaster is the sudden death of a founder who has made all the decisions for the organization, without a succession plan. Losses are physical, financial and emotional. Arts organizations are not exempt from disasters and they are not rare occurrences.

What can the Emergency Preparedness Project do for your organization?

The project will provide a variety of informational resources increasing education through group presentation as well as assistance with disaster planning tailored to specific arts organizational needs.

This Emergency Preparedness Presentation will be led by Carol A Foster. Carol Foster is the current Special Programs Assistant for the International Association of Blacks in Dance and one of four consultants in the country associated with the Performing Arts Readiness Project.


The Performing Arts Readiness project was formed in the recognition that performing arts organizations are especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies which can halt performances, sometimes indefinitely, and can put an organization out of business overnight.