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Rent Joe's

Whether you’re a performing artist looking for affordable rehearsal or performance space or a community member looking for a great venue for your next big event - we’ve got the spaces for you!

 Rent Joe’s

What are you looking to rent for? Click below:


Use this form to request rehearsal space at Joe's in our studios and classrooms for performing arts groups such as dance and theater. Joe's does not have accommodations for live music rehearsals.

Rehearsals are defined as a group of 20 individuals or less who are not paying to participate in the rehearsal.


Workshops are defined as paid recurring classes, recurring workshops, one time workshops, or any other event where an individual pays your organization a fee for participation. Max capacity is 40.

Small Events

Please use this form if you're interested in renting Joe's downstairs classroom(s) for a small party or event. The max capacity is 70. If you are looking for a space for a performance, please fill out a form for the theater. The classrooms do not accommodate concerts.


Please use this form if you're interested in renting Joe's for an event, party or performance. The max capacity is 150.

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