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Ability Project

The Ability Project is a multi-disciplinary performance project in Dance, Spoken Word, African Drum, and Vocal Music for differently-abled performers with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or other developmental disabilities.

The Ability Project


What it’s all about…

The Ability Project is a multi-disciplinary performance project in dance, spoken word, African drum, and more for differently-abled performers with developmental disabilities such as autism or down syndrome. This project uses the power of the performing arts to improve the health, identity, and independence of teens and adults with developmental disabilities.



Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Parkdale High School, Northwestern High School


In dance and vocals


CRI = Community Referenced Instruction

“The Ability Project has a special place in my heart. I have watched the growth and development of so many students, a true testament to the work that we do here at Joe’s. 

After weeks of rehearsals the students really give it their all on stage during the final performance. It is so satisfying to see them let loose. The Ability Project students show us all that ANYONE can move - no matter their ability.  All they need is opportunity and safe space to explore and grow!”

Kendra Johnson, Ability Project Coordinator 2016- 2019

What teachers are saying:

Joe's was a wonderful experience for our students they gain self confidence and they were able to Showcase their talents

The ability project is a wonderful project that allows all our students participate in dance and production. It gives all students opportunity to express themselves through music and dance.

This project allowed students to come out of their comfort zones. They built confidence and energy to perform.