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UpSpring Studio's Community Photo Project

A Message from UpSpring Studio:

Help us prepare for our next show by sending us photos of your favorite places (and the people in them)!

What are your favorite places? In conjunction with When We Were: Aerial Stories of People and Places on June 2nd, UpSpring Studio is hosting the When We Were: Community Photo Project. The photos in this project represent the memories of all people present at the show, constructing a momentary time capsule in which some memories will return to life in the air of the studio.

Help us build this tapestry of our community’s memories! Contribute a memory or two of places and people that have been important to your life by emailing photos to before May 25th, or by bringing a printed photo to the show on June 2nd. Remember that by sending us this photo, you are giving your permission to have the photo displayed at the show on June 2nd. For any further uses of the photo, such as posting it online, we will contact you first.  

When We Were takes place at 4pm on Sunday, June 2nd at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier, MD. Tickets are $23 for adults and $17 students/seniors/veterans at

Help Needed!

We are in need of the following items for our next show. If you are willing to let us borrow any of these items, email Alana at While we will do our best to return your items to you in the condition they were received, please keep in mind the public may be interacting with donated items. Keep your most valued treasures at home!

  • books on European travel and places, European guide books, gardening, hippie culture, New York, farming, the Midwest, spiders, children's books loosely related to any of these topics

  • floor pillows, small rugs, electric candles, small (not fragile) decorative items

  • empty boxes, crates, baskets, or wheelbarrows

Contact Alana at